Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Katian's New Apartment: Bathroom 'renovation'

bathroom renovation
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I just moved into my very first all by myself apartment the night before my 28th birthday. The first thing I did was redo the disgusting bathroom. The former tenant had left it DISCUSTING. Ill spare you the details but I was throwing up in my mouth even on the third pass of cleaning it. All the tiles were falling off and mold and mildew was growing behind them. there was *years* (some of the old packaging had expiration dates) of accumulated gross and garbage under the tub and exposed dank subflooring. I called the landlord in the first day bc i couldnt believe he would have thought that was acceptable, his reaction was to phone the upstairs neighbor and tell them to put their shower curtain in when they took a shower. ha! Well if its going to be like that I figured I'd just take matters into my own hands. Luckily Ive been heavily trained in 'quick fix' itll do for a while style home reno and since I only plan to be here for a year I dont particularly care if the landlord doesnt want to take care of his property.

Now having rented this particualr apartment because it was so cheap the last thing I want to do is put money into it. So here is my $20 bathroom renovation supply kit

box of economy peel and stick tile from home depot: $15
can of green paint found on the street: $0
paint roller, scraper from dollarama: $2.50
gallon bleach, pharmaprix: $2.50

Step 1: Gut
First I pulled all the loose tile and falling in drywall from the walls and floor and drug all the gross crap from under and around the tub. The tiles just fell off for the most part. I had to scrap 2 of them off total. There was black mold behind some of them so this led me to the necessary step 2

Step 2: Bleach
I sprayed, soaked and scrubbed the entire room with bleach in 2 rounds.

Step 3: Paint
I scraped the dodgy wall and taped over the holes with masking tape then painted everything including where the tile was going to go (hoping to stop any future mold)

Step 4: Peel and Stick
I then followed the directions for the peel and stick tiles and applied them to the wall. I left the tile on the floor after discovering it was laid (partially) over other linoleum which was cemented to subflooring. The bottom layer of linoleum was also broken and missing in sections so I scratched it up with Ajax and steel wool and let it dry thoroughly then applied a third layer of linoleum (Yes this gave me a smug satisfaction like I was sticking it to the landlord even tho Ive undoubtedly raised the value of this place with $20 and an afternoon)

Finally, I took a blade to all the porcelain and mirrors and one final bleach down for good measure and I have a livable bathroom!

UPDATE: half the wall tiles have since fallen off in the 93 degree heat. so frustrating. I need to get some heavy duty tile glue.


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