Wednesday, May 26, 2010

window installation

window installation
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I dont have the greatest view out of my window by my desk. Its probably a good thing I dont stare out it the whole time. I also incidentally dont have a curtain and since this is also my bedroom I thought a little privacy was in order. I got some full page transparent peel and stick labels from the discount bin at bureau en gros (staples) and got all kinds of ideas. (think of all the things that need full page transparent labeling!!!)

I chose this picture (that I took of Bob in the library in Bath when he and Steph came to visit me last year) for the metawindow appeal and also because its simple looks good in b&w and I like the symmetry.

I used this thing Bob posted last year called the rasterbator ( to see how it would look blown up but I didnt like the final look and decided to go with the original image in 8 sheets (rather that the 3x5 15 sheet one that would have filled the whole window) I just eyeballed it and cropped and saved each segment (yes Bob I was holding a ruler up to the screen you would burst a blood vessel in your eyeball no doubt but I dont have CS2 on my computer.) Its not perfect but it will do. ill get a pic in the daytime and post it up later.

In retrospect Id get this printed at the shop on acetate(overhead projector film 'paper') b/c I used almost a whole ink cartridge and b/c the peel and stick bubbles and will undoubtedly be a nightmare to remove.

Now I have massive plans for a photo emulsion etched 'stain'-glass window. Who had the photo emulsion glass etching stuff was that mom or Bobby? (someone etched a moon and stars on one of the cars back windows) Do you think you could do photo emulsion glass etching? I guess you just have frosted and clear there is no gradient of frost so itd have to be super contrast b&w photos.


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