Thursday, June 8, 2006


Speakers Photos

I wanted to do something that I thought Bob and Steph would both enjoy for a wedding present. They both like music... sooooo speakers. After researching different styles of speakers and different drivers, I decided to go with a design that was relatively compact, but also had a great range of frequencies. The cabinet for the speakers took a long time to figure out how to build and paint. The finish took two tries, but It turned out nice and shiny. The crossover was simple to assemble. They sound great too!

Time: 2 months

Equipment/Tools Used: Table saw, Router, drill, screwdriver, soldering iron, sandpaper

Level of Difficulty: (What's with the saws?)

Thursday, June 1, 2006

About the "Sawzall"

In addition to being an awesome tool, capable of cutting through any material known to man, the "sawzall" is now a unit of measurement for the level of difficulty of a Witchger Project.

Taking into account the complexity of the procedure(s), technical know-how needed, and physical labor required, we will give each project a rating. "5" is the maximum number of sawzalls a project (that we'll undertake ourselves, anyway) can earn.

To give you a frame a reference:

(1 sawzall)=building simple bookshelves, changing a car's oil

(2 sawzalls)=assembling a computer, enclosing a yard with stakes and metal fencing

(3 sawzalls)=building a china hutch from the "New Yankee Workshop" plans, reroofing a house (including replacing several sheets of the plywood)

(4 sawzalls)=changing a car's clutch, installing an oak hardwood floor (including replacing parts of the subfloor)

(5 sawzalls)=felling a 150-foot-tall tree in the backyard, rebuilding an entire car engine

Half scales are also used.