Monday, December 17, 2007

Crate Mounting System/Repair Stand for Bike

Now that I’m using a bike as a semi-primary vehicle, I needed: a) a way to attach a storage crate to the rear rack that was sturdy enough to handle a few bags of groceries, but easy to remove when I didn't require the carrying capacity or want the extra bulk (bungees weren't cutting it) and b) a means of holding the bike stably with the wheels a few feet in the air to perform maintenance and repair tasks on it.

For “problem a,” I decided to try drilling three strategically-placed holes in my rear rack and using three bolts with large fender washers and wingnuts to fasten the crate down when I need it. For “problem b,” I decided to build this PVC Bench-Top Stand.

Time: 5–6 hours (total)

Cost: ~$40.00 at Lowe’s and Ace (total)

Witch-gear: Cordless drill/various bits, Center punch, Hacksaw, Ratchet/driver set, PVC primer and cement

Level of Difficulty:
(What's with the saws?)

What I Learned: The crate solution is working great, but I’m not sold on this bench-top PVC repair stand. Though the feedback on Instructables was mostly positive, I’ve found the bending and wobbling to be a real problem whenever anything heavier than my super-light cyclocross bike is put on it. Also the 1/4" PVC recommended for the clamp barely makes it around the diameter of some of the bike frames I’ve used to test it (even with the foam insulation taken out of the middle).

Friday, December 7, 2007