Monday, January 26, 2009

S-10 Clutch

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We replaced the clutch in the family S-10. If you remember, we already replaced the master cylinder, but that didn't solve the problem. The clutch gave out and we had to push it into the drive in order to work on it.

Bob, Dad and I took two days and replaced the clutch.


  • Craftsman sockets (broke a universal joint, lifetime warranty!)
  • Universal 3/8" drive joints (tight spots around the transmission)
  • 18mm allen (made out of a bolt, an 18mm wrench and tape)
  • Jack
  • Jack stands (bricks)
  • Straps
  • ratcheting come-along
  • 3 cameras


TIME: 8 hours the first day, 4 hours the second


Replacing the clutch in this truck is a lot of work. The tolerances around the transmission are tight so removing it and getting it back in is tricky.

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