Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pantiltonantor 2.0

The pantiltinator is an ongoing project which pans, tilts, shuttles, or in other ways moves a camera, most likely for a timelapse application. (pan-tilt-inator)

Pantiltinator 1.0 was a device which would produce a circular pan. It was used for the "Cut your Hair" ukulele cover video on youtube. HERE!!!!

Pantiltinator 2.0 was a device which raised the camera from 2 feet off the ground to about 11 feet off the ground. Although neither a pan or tilt, the name is still used. It was used for the "War on War" timelapse sidewalk caulk ukulele cover video. HERE!!!!

Important Supplies:
Pantiltinator 1.0:
-Wheel hub with bearing
-3/4" PVC arm
-bucket to hang weights
-mini tripod to tape to the other end

Pantiltinator 2.0:
-12 foot board (wanted to go 16 feet, but the board looked scary high)
-other 2x4's
-packaging tape
-wooden pulley, and metal pulleys
-string and spring(bungee)

Electronics for Both
-stepper motor (from all-electronics)
-arduino (from sparkfun)
-stepper motor driver (from sparkfun)

Links to Pantiltinator 2.0 photos

Link to Pantiltinator 1.0 photos